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Educational References

Here are some articles to help you learn about new products or brush up on product knowledge for your customers.

JELD-WEN Windows - Zap Pack Replacement Sash Kit , AuraLast Wood , JELD-WEN Care & Maintenance Guide ,
Zap Pack Installation Video

eBuild - A web destination for product knowledge & and trade secrets...

"Haunt Historic Homes" by, Gary Katz 'On Selling Craftsmanship' - Gary Katz has nearly 40 years experience in the industry and has been a frequent contributor to leading trade journals for more than a decade. He produces the Katz Roadshow- Carpentry Clinics at lumberyards all over America, and publishes THISisCarpentry.com - an E-magazine for carpenters and craftsmen. To learn more, visit: www.GaryMKatz.com

"Sell the Right Fasteners" by, Gary Katz 'On Selling Craftsmanship' - This article is really intended for hardware retailers; however, it is very handy information for anyone who wants to really know what fasteners are approved for each application.

Glossary - A lumber glossary that was compiled as a convenient resource for all of the day to day terms that anyone doing building projects ought to know.